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/gasp, It’s an Update

This was a familiar refrain in 2013, but I’m not sure what Hador was whining about.  It’s only been 8 months since my last full update.  Fortunately, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to update this site more frequently.  I think an update every 6 months is totally achievable!  Without further ado, here is an update of our 2013…

Loss and Triumph

Before detailing our accomplishments in 2013, I need to recognize the good people we lost along the way.  Aaniu, Mychoce, and Nelson were the three members we lost in real life.  Though they will no longer play and raid at our side, they stay with us in spirit.

Together with our raiding partners The Kindred and Legends of Mystic Heroes, we took on all the raids in Rain of Fear and Call of the Forsaken.  Despite an ever-changing roster, endless backflagging, and some raid mechanics that did not play to our strengths, we have managed to remain up to date with current content.  We have defeated all the raids in each content release before more raids got released.

Shadow of Fear

May 16 we defeated the Chelsith Reborn raid.

May 25 we defeated the Plane of Shadows raid, completing T3 of Rain of Fear.

Heart of Fear

July 28 we defeated Glimpse, the first raid in Heart of Fear.

August 18 we defeated the second raid in Heart of Fear.

September 22 we defeated the third raid in Heart of Fear, completing the Rain of Fear expansion.

Call of the Forsaken

October 11 we defeated the Ethernere Tainted West Karana raid.  This is a raid that leaves you wishing PC rangers were as dangerous as the NPC rangers are in this event.

November 12 we defeated Xulous Prime in the Dead Hills.  This is a raid that requires 4 random people to kite in small circles.  This is the kind of mechanic that is really simple but is like kryptonite for a raid force like ours.  Why?  Because apparently we have many players who navigate as well as a chinese man on a scooter.

On November 24 we Saved Jacyll and defeated the Bixie Warfront raid.  This raid was a serious bladder buster.  The overwhelmingly yellow color of our surroundings did not help the bladder urgency.  I believe our winning attempt took us over 2 hours from start to finish.  In any event, our win elicited an unusual amount of relief for all participants…

On December 16 we defeated the Houses of Thex and completed the first tier of Call of the Forsaken.


Here are some random screenshots I saved up through the year.

Orbus Still Sucks

In case you were wondering, we all (well almost all) still think Orbus sucks.  We feel so strongly about it that we’ve named the lowest rank in our guild Orbus sucks.

Zarax Knows Cars

Zarax is officially a soccer mom as evidenced by the feature he most appreciates in a car.  Unfortunately for Z, this screenshot was not taken out of context at all…

Vaynelle Needs a Napkin

Guys, she’s still available…

Tayeni and Cereall

These shots would have been more timely if Tayeni and Cereall still played, but Tay seems to be coming back and maybe Cereall will see this and be inspired to return.  After all, now that Juka and Lealani have grown up, we need someone to guard doors.

What’s Next?

Semi-annual updates!  And whatever new content SoE throws at us.

On June 19, we found out that one of our most beloved and well-respected members, Mychoce (Chasee), had succumbed to her battle with cancer.  We had a memorial gathering for her tonight.

If you missed this gathering, please feel free to post messages or images in our forums.  We have a thread for her memory here.  In game, we have a memorial plot for her in our neighborhood.  Friends are welcome to stop by and pay respects to her there.