Erudin Burning Down – Tier 3 HoT Awaits

by on May.01, 2011, under UF News

Recycled Boss

Because its apparently easier to recycle bosses from old raid events than to come up with entirely new content (yah, yah, I know the “lore” required it in this case), we found ourselves face to face with Terris Thule again.  We made a low-number, learning attempt at this event a few weeks ago, then recently made another more serious attempt where we got to the  Terris Thule phase.  We really wanted to take her down because she is quite the diva goddess, and at Undivided Faith we already have enough divas to deal with…

This is why you should never entrust Orbus with your login information.

So we went in today with a good idea of what we needed to do to win.  We had a little hiccup on our first attempt of the day, but did some tweaking and got her dead on our second attempt.

She was not stingy with the loots.

Grats, me.

Grats, Delphias! (and happy birthday!)

Grats, Kysumu and Ganarak!

Grats, Gholatron!

Grats, Orbus! (the perfect gift for the toon that loots everything)

That marks another House of Thule tier completely cleared, and opens up Tier 3 to us.  We were debating whether or not to move on and acquire the free loot that is the Upper House raid, but in the end we decided to wait until tomorrow to enter that zone.  After all, what can happen in 24 hours?  It’s not like the EQ servers are going to go down for an extended period of time.  That would be about as likely as Osama bin Laden finally being found and brought to justice.

Charlie Sheen Plays a Bard in EQ

This is a little known fact.  Its not that surprising that he’d play a bard since Charlie and bards have much in common.  Bards are showmen.  None of us are really sure what bards do exactly, but we know we like having them in our groups – just like Charlie.  The one thing that may surprise you is that Charlie plays a bard in Undivided Faith named Symphoniko and pretends to be from eastern Europe.  Study Charlie Sheen’s real life rants, and then compare them to Symphoniko’s rants and tell me they aren’t the same person…

He even causes other bards to mistell.

No doubt that was intended for the bard channel in response to something Symph said.

Good Timing

Sometimes getting the good screenshots for these updates is just a matter of timing.  Being on when chat gets funny or having my minions on when chat gets funny.  Here’s a perfect example of opportunity nearly missed.

Recycle This!

Since the devs seem to enjoy recycling mobs in the name of “lore”, I beg you to please find a way to reuse Edwin in a future raid.




Seeing him emerge from behind the Southeast Trader Building instantly brought back fond childhood memories of a classic movie.

What’s Next?

Tier 3 HoT and beyond, and soon a farewell to Convorteum.

We're not the only ones doing cartwheels at the thought of being done with Underfoot soon.

Major Changes Ahead

We will soon be announcing some major changes to our recruiting.  I can’t go into the details of it right now, but if you really enjoy Everquest but aren’t a huge fan of raiding or have friends or family who fall into that category, then you will want to stay tuned.

PS – Thanks to Orbus for providing one of the pictures used in this update.

PPS – Thanks to SOE for getting hacked and giving me the time to produce an extra large update.

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